Articles, news and advice on energy use for UK SMEs, including guides on how to become more energy efficient and significantly reduce costs.

Running a Business

How to install a heat pump for your small business

How do heat pumps work? Can they save your small business money? Les Roberts looks at the pros and cons of heat pumps

Smart Energy GB

Upgrade to a smart meter and enjoy a smarter future

If your small business has fewer than 10 employees, you could apply for a smart meter today. A meter gives you oversight of energy usage and could save you money

Business management

8 ways to save money running your microbusiness

Estimating your energy bills is the second largest bit of guesswork running a microbusiness after calculating tax. Installing a smart meter gives you control.

Business management

9 of the best business energy suppliers based in the UK

To keep your costs down, you should be reviewing your business energy supplier regularly. We line up nine of the best.

Business management

Switch and fix energy provider to avoid potential post-Brexit price hikes

Energy prices are expected to soar when the UK leaves the EU on March 29, 2019. The UK relies on energy imported from Europe – increased costs may push up energy bills for businesses across UK. Switching to longer – fixed-term – energy rates recommended to avoid the worst of any possible post-Brexit energy price hikes.

Office & home working

Renewable energy: Why small businesses should go green

Renewable energy has become a global focus over the past few years. Around 100 countries have set renewable energy targets, including the UK. Europe has a target of acquiring 20% of their supply from renewable energy sources.


Energy epidemic: UK’s office energy sins revealed

New research by UK Power has revealed that a quarter of Brits regularly leave lights on in empty office rooms, as the biggest energy sins are revealed.


Businesses risk £2.8m through lack of energy resilience

The average UK mid-sized business is risking £2.8 million of annual revenue by failing to have an energy resilience strategy, new research finds.


Eight out of every ten SMEs are being overcharged for their energy

‘Big Six’ energy providers charge more to SMEs than bigger businesses - 80 per cent of Britain’s small businesses are overpaying.


Cost of energy crippling Britain’s micro-businesses

More than half of Britain’s micro-businesses feel rising cost of energy is crippling their future.


Small businesses look beyond cost when buying energy

New survey reveals what influences energy buyers’ choice of provider, with businesses now looking beyond the price.


Should businesses be using clean energy? The UK public say ‘yes’

More than 40 per cent of people believe businesses should source their energy from renewable sources.

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How should I select my business broadband provider?

As with any supplier, it’s important to do your research and ask important questions before you select a broadband provider for your business. But what are the must-have things you should take into consideration?

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Why your business should switch to a broadband-based phone network

Analogue phone systems are increasingly being replaced by smarter broadband based networks – here’s why you should consider switching

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Streamlining document management for your small business

David Malan, sales director of DocuWare for the UK and Ireland, explains how the platform can streamline your document management

Business Loans

A guide to getting a small business loan

Everything you need to know on what small business loans are and what types of loan are available for your business.