Articles, news and advice on energy use for UK SMEs, including guides on how to become more energy efficient and significantly reduce costs.


Energy costs a burden for SMEs

Less than a quarter (23 per cent) of financial directors feel able to manage energy costs, research finds.


Inflated energy bills hurt SMEs

Almost £2 billion is being lost from the UK's small business sector each year by firms unnecessarily paying inflated electricity charges, research reveals.


Energy savings ‘key to reducing costs’

Small and medium-sized enterprises should first look at their energy spend when determining how to cut costs.


Closing of energywatch ‘will affect small businesses’

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has stated many companies will not know where to turn following the closure of energywatch.


Carbon Trust: SMEs could save 30% on lighting

Making changes to lighting systems could save retail outlets some 30 per cent on their electricity bills, the Carbon Trust reports.


Energy efficiency could save £2.5bn, says think-tank

British businesses could save £2.5 billion in costs if they implemented energy-efficiency savings, new research from the Carbon Trust shows.


‘Every business can make a difference’ to the environment say experts

Every business can make a difference to climate change by improving their energy efficiency, claim environmental experts.


Energy efficiency equals cost efficiency for SMEs

SMEs that implement a number of energy saving measures stand to cut more costs than those companies which employ less or none at all, claims environmental experts.


Conserve energy – boost profits

Imagine if you could save thousands of pounds a year and attract more customers to your business. And as a useful by-product, you would be saving the planet.


Conserve your energy this Christmas

UK businesses are bracing themselves for rising gas and electricity prices this winter – Action Energy, the Government-funded energy programme, is offering advice on saving energy and money.

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