Small Business Insurance

Do I need retail insurance for my small business?

In this guide, we delve into what retail insurance is, what you need by law and what kind of restrictions you should be clued-up on

Small Business Insurance

Does a company need insurance for one employee but two directors?

Does a company need any insurance if it has just one employee but two directors? If I do, would that still be the case with just one director who is the employee?

Small Business Insurance

How offering a death in service benefit can save you money

Taking out a group life insurance policy is often half the cost of what you would pay as an individual. And death-in-service insurance is one of the top three benefits employees want from a company

Small Business Insurance

What types of insurance does a photography business need?

Our photography business insurance guide covers legal requirements and recommended add-ons plus lesser-known extras and restrictions. Find out all you need to know to make sure you are properly covered.

Small Business Insurance

Personal trainer business insurance: requirements, extras and restrictions

Personal trainer insurance can be confusing – what do you need and what can you do away with? We cover everything you need to know.

Small Business Insurance

How one jeweller dealt with being rejected by insurance firms

Getting an insurance firm to take you on when you hold valuable stock can be challenging. Here's how one jeweller did it.


British Small Business Awards 2017: Insurance Provider of the Year shortlist

Insurance Provider of the Year is the latest category shortlist to be released for the British Small Business Awards.

Small Business Insurance

You might have insurance, but is your company cyber covered?

Alastair Hartrup, Global CEO of Network Critical, discusses how a small business insurance review should include the risk of cybercrime.

Small Business Insurance

The next big digital disruption: The insurance industry

Clare Seekins, consultant at Market Gravity, shares her insights into where the insurance market is going and how technology is disrupting it.

Small Business Insurance

Key insurance advice for your photography company

Here, photographer Laura Pearman talks about how a significant insurance claim she made for loss of data underlines the importance of small businesses ensuring comprehensive cover.

Small Business Insurance

Addressing the insurance needs of an employee engagement consultancy

Jane Sunley, CEO and founder of employee engagement consultancy Purple Cubed, discusses the key insurance cover she put in place.

Small Business Insurance

How to insure your recruitment company: A small business case study

In this piece Karla Jobling, founder of job site BeecherMadden, discusses the key insurance measures she put in place for her recruitment company.

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4 small business functions that must be automated for greater profits

Can technology help you create more efficient business models? In this article, we explore how you can use technology to boost your business

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It’s time the UK’s small businesses got the seamless communications and collaboration tools they need

Why seamless collaboration is crucial for UK small businesses and what tools can help

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Flexible work is making cybersecurity tougher for UK SMBs. It’s time they got the tools, and the platform, to defend themselves

The cybersecurity landscape for small businesses and the tips and tools that can help

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How to enhance your customer and employee experiences using Uber Vouchers

This article explains how Uber Vouchers can enhance both your customer and employee experience