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How technology is set to change the face of job hunting

The times of lengthy and complicated recruitment drives are long gone thanks to increasingly sophisticated online options, argues Elaine Lewis of jobmagnet.


The top UK cities to find a job in 2018 revealed

New data from CV-Library, has found that Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow are the top locations to find a new job this year.


What is the best month of the year to submit a job application?

Despite what was previously thought, by calculating the difference between vacancies and online searches, new research concludes that January is the worst time of the year to submit a job application.


Majority of UK employees looking for a new job

New research from The Employee Awards reveals that 52 per cent of employees will be searching for new employment in 2018 due to low productivity.


Two thirds of employers say job hopping is actually good for your career

Edology research discovers employers attitudes to job hopping and found two thirds of employers believe job hopping is actually good for your career.


Quarter of job candidates ‘stalk’ their interviewer’s social media

Half of all job candidates use social media for interview prep, including stalking their interviews social media profiles, research finds.


UK professionals reveal why their job search is stressing them out

Majority of the nation’s workers admit that looking for a new job always or frequently makes them feel stressed, research discovers.


Half of Brits are lying on the job application – but why?

New research finds that more than half of UK employees have admitted to lying or withholding information on a job application or CV.


UK ‘job boom’ proves businesses are remaining confident

Businesses across the UK proved to be resilient in the face of ongoing uncertainty last quarter, as the nation witnessed a widespread job boom.


UK employees most open to leaving current job

Nearly three quarters 70 per cent of UK employees are open to leaving their job, compared to 60 per cent in the rest of Europe.


More than half of Brits admit to haggling over job offers

New research from CV-Library finds more than half of Brits have negotiated with a potential employer over a job offer.


UK’s most sought-after job industries revealed

Data from over 15.4 million applications made by Brits sees construction and administration take top spots for the most sought after jobs industries.

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