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Nepotism in the workplace hitting recruitment

Almost two thirds of UK workers have experienced nepotism in the workplace, with 27.9 per cent witnessing underqualified candidates being hired for jobs because they were favoured.

Employing & managing staff

Drawing the line: Should you be friends with your staff?

Here, Lee Biggins takes on the subject of how close you should be with your employees.

Business management

How businesses can support employees with dyslexia

Here, David Price looks at the adjustments to make as a business owner to accommodate dyslexic staff.

Employing & managing staff

Hiring your first employee as a small business

Here are three factors to consider before welcoming your first employee to your company.

Business management

An ageing workforce: Why small businesses should get prepared

Andrew Firth looks at what an ageing workforce means for small businesses, and what role company owners can play to maximise productivity.

Employing & managing staff

Considering the rights of employees with a long-term illness

Here, Alan Price discusses how to approach the difficult situation of a member of staff with a long-term illness.

Employing & managing staff

Should your business offer work experience placements?

Here are some pros and cons to mull over if you're thinking about offering a work experience placement.

Employing & managing staff

Free healthcare benefits: Are they worth it?

Lee Biggins looks into the matter of whether employers should be offering free vaccinations for their staff.

Employing & managing staff

Mental health affecting absence rates, study finds

Mental health problems are estimated to cost the UK economy £37 billion a year, according to a study.

Employing & managing staff

Craziest job candidate demands, and how to deal with them

Lee Biggins discusses what small businesses should do when faced with unusual or unreasonable requests from would-be employees.


National Living Wage arrives for small companies 

The National Living Wage has come into force, and the Federation of Small Businesses is calling on small businesses to make sure they act on this new legal requirement to avoid heavy penalties.

Office & home working

How to tackle the sensitive issue of obesity in the workplace

Here, Nicola Mullineux gives legal and procedural advice on approaching the issue of obesity in your workforce.

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How to prepare for business growth in 2022

The team at Funding Options explain how to prepare for business growth in 2022

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Tide to empower small businesses to optimise cash flow with insights tool

Tide is introducing a Cashflow Insights tool to help small businesses mitigate delays in payment and improve their credit score

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Business Current Account Masterclass

Tune into the Masterclass from the Current Account Switch Service to find out why you should switch your business account pronto

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How should I select my business broadband provider?

As with any supplier, it’s important to do your research and ask important questions before you select a broadband provider for your business. But what are the must-have things you should take into consideration?