Marketing strategy


3 marketing strategies for your small business compared

3 marketing strategies most small businesses use compared – digital advertising, internet search and branded content. Which one is right for you?


5 ways to market your small business during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic could be the window of opportunity for you to reinvent how you market your small business


What makes an effective business flyer? – a Small Business guide

Nine out of 10 of us remember a business flyer through our letterbox. But designing an effective business flyer needs careful thought, says Simon Cooper


4 small business digital marketing trends you need to know

Premium quality video, voice search, chatbots and offering customers a personal touch are all digital marketing trends to look out for.


On the first day of Christmas, my SEO said to me… festive search guide

12 days of digital Christmas: Rob Marsden offers a dozen tips on how to ace your SEO strategy and make sure you rank on top of Google this festive season


How market research can boost your marketing strategy

Here, we look at how businesses can use market research to make better business decisions that maintain their competitive edge.

Business Ideas & Planning

How to create a new business model in a crowded market

In today's competitive business landscape, being able to innovate is a key attribute. Here, two business owners discuss how they implemented a new business model.

Business Ideas & Planning

How to write a marketing plan

This guide offers practical advice on developing and writing a marketing plan using plain English.

Business management

Six tips for success in your fitness business

Julia Stent, CEO of personal trainer site Spotter, shares her tips for success in the fitness industry.


The three things that will make you successful in marketing

Here, Chandar Pattabhiram – chief marketing officer of Coupa, outlines his views on what makes a good marketer – qualities that he believes are very different now than they were ten years ago


Five tools used by corporations to improve marketing performance

If your business is struggling to get into the minds of your customer, then your marketing might not be up to scratch. Here, we go through five tools to improve your marketing.


Precision marketing: How to maximise revenue through relevance

Brie Read, CEO of Force Ten Digital, discusses the changing attitudes to Facebook advertising and what it means for the small business landscape.

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Can businesses save money on CBILS repayment costs by refinancing for a RLS loan?

Your business could save money on CBILS repayments by refinancing for an RLS loan – Funding Options tells us how

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How to grow your team

Andrew Walsh, founder of AW Repair Group, takes a look at some of the key issues that small businesses face as they scale up

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How to build your business

Andrew Walsh, founder of AW Repair Group, explains why you need to invest in your branding – even if you're a small business

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Embrace your unconventional superpowers

Brij Thankey, CEO of Precision FM, explains how taking focus away from the numbers and putting it on his team has benefited his business