Articles and guides for directors of SMEs, including advice on strategy, financial performance, risk management, and corporate governance practices.

Legal advice

Which job title is right for you?

Your job title should never be based on your own view, and how comfortable you feel being referred to by a certain position


Tax-efficient ways to extract profits from your business

Here, we break down a number of tactics business owners can use to extract profit from their business with one eye on tax-efficiency at all times.


Raising finance to buy out a director

What happens if your business partner wants to exit your business? Toby Cotton outlines three ways to buy out your fellow director


Paying dividends to directors

Paying yourself in dividends is a good way to reduce your tax bill, says Toby Cotton of Kreston Reeves. But there is a procedure you need to follow

Business Loans

Small business owners who duck out of repaying Covid debt face ban

Insolvency Service given power to investigate company directors who deliberately wind up firms to avoid repaying emergency Covid-19 debt

Government Grants

Rishi Sunak urged to help self-employed company directors

Business groups and experts write to chancellor with workable scheme to help 800,000 company directors excluded from government Covid-19 support


Small business minister trying to help owner-directors hit by coronavirus

Paul Scully, the small business minister, is trying to help small business owner-directors who fall through the cracks of current coronavirus government bailout schemes


Company directors can secure bigger mortgages by highlighting net profits

Here, Alastair McKee, managing director of One 77 Mortgages, explains how company directors can secure a higher mortgage through highlighting net profits.


Limited company directors fail to understand basic business concepts

The true extent of UK Limited company directors lack of key business knowledge and their business fears have been revealed for the first time.


So you think you don’t need a finance director?

Here, Louise Kingston from Livingbridge highlights why hiring a Finance Director can be beneficial to your business.


Number of UK debut directors at all-time high

There are more first-time business owners in the UK than ever, research finds.

Legal advice

Hiring a friend as director

I want to hire a friend as director to help me in my business for no salary. He is working for another company. How can we can do it so his obligations (Tax, NI, SSP) and benefits (pensions) as an employee at his current job will not change?

Business Technology

How to keep your small business safe online

Here's how Security Service Edge from Vodafone can help to protect your SME from ever-increasing cyber threats

Business Technology

How to grow a global creative agency in record time

Find out how creative agency, Myth Studio, used technology to grow their business and quadruple their staff count in 18 months

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Attracting and keeping top talent through Total Reward

Employment benefits specialist, Drewberry, explain why you should base your benefits around a Total Reward Strategy

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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