Paternity leave

Employing & managing staff

European countries putting the UK’s paternity leave to shame

New research compares the UK’s paternity leave and pay to other countries across the world and finds Britain wanting.


Increase in number of men taking paternity leave comes to an end

The rise in the number of men taking paternity leave has ground to a halt as families decide they can't sacrifice the lost income from taking time off work, according to a commercial law firm.


Businesses concerned about paternity leave changes

Company owners are worried about the potential damage caused by this month's changes to paternity leave, finds research.

Work life balance

Changes in paternity leave laws allow mother to transfer some of her paid maternity leave

Changes in paternity laws this April will allow a mother to transfer three months of her paid maternity leave to the father. Here we ask female entrepreneurs how the new legislation will affect their businesses.

Work life balance

Paternity leave proposals unattractive for fathers

Fathers will not take up the new paternity leave entitlement set out by the government, claims the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).


Dad’s the word for paternity rights

A large proportion of SMEs are sympathetic to fathers having their paternity leave rights extended.


Paternity leave to increase?

Reports that the Government is considering giving working fathers six months unpaid paternity leave have been condemned by small business groups, who see it as yet another legislative burden causing headaches for SMEs.


New paternity and flexible working rights

With the increasing trend towards promoting a work/life balance and the Government keen to promote the rights of families, there are a number of changes in employment law that have come into force from 6 April.

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