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Articles, guides and news on staff pay and wages issues for UK SMEs.

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How a Supreme Court ruling on holiday pay could affect your business

A Supreme Court ruling means that police staff in Northern Ireland can bring miscalculated holiday pay claims dating back 35 years .

Employing & managing staff

Do I need to pay more to staff who work unsociable hours?

We are about to trade around the clock, 24 hours in some cases. Do we need to pay extra for employees who work unsocial hours?

Employing & managing staff

What do statutory pay rises mean for SMEs?

Sue Tumelty, founder of The HR Dept, explains upcoming statutory pay rises and what you should do as a small business owner

Employing & managing staff

How to manage an employee’s pay rise request

If an employee has come to you with a pay rise request, what do you do? Here are five tips to help achieve the best outcome for both parties

Employing & managing staff

Third of businesses planning pay rises

Three quarters of businesses impacted by staff shortages over the past year, with nearly half saying they can't meet customer demand as a result, according to CBI survey


An essential guide to Statutory Sick Pay for employers

We explain what Statutory Sick Pay is, who is eligible, how it works, and how much it’s going to cost you.

Employing & managing staff

Over third of businesses struggling to fill jobs

There are now 1.3m job vacancies in the UK, the same number as there are unemployed workers, leaving businesses with holes in the workforce


Half a million jobs in small businesses at risk

Insolvencies expected to increase by 21% this year as small firms face myriad challenges, according to research

Employing & managing staff

Staff and Christmas bonuses

What should you do if a staff member narrowly misses out on a Christmas bonus scheme? Should you make an exception?


Small businesses expect to increase pay by 3% next year

Staff shortages in shops and restaurants due to double whammy of Brexit and Covid will push wages up by an average 2.9% in 2022 - survey

Employing & managing staff

Can I pay remote workers less than in-house staff?

With many businesses shifting to long-term remote or hybrid working, employers are questioning the rules for paying staff who work remotely

Employing & managing staff

Coronavirus: what are your sick pay obligations if your staff self-isolate?

We answer some of they key questions around what to do about statutory sick pay (SSP) when your staff are required to self-isolate

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover if somebody sues your business and they allege that your advice caused financial loss or damaged their brand. It’s not just for accountants and lawyers but for anyone offering a personal service, even web designers

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Benefits of switching to the right business bank account

We've teamed up with the Current Account Switch Service to explain the benefits of switching your business bank account.

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Business Companion: a reliable voice in the misinformation age

Business Companion is a one-stop-shop for accurate and up-to-date legal guidance, whatever sector you’re in — and it’s all completely free