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Articles on Peer-to-Peer lending platforms, also abbreviated as P2P lending or crowdlending. Mostly done through online services that match lenders with borrowers which operate with lower overheads, enabling services to be provided more cheaply than traditional financial institutions.

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Peer to peer lending: A small business guide

In this piece from BusinessAgent.com, we find out about the peer to peer lending market and how to benefit from it.

Alternative finance

How to use alternative business funding to help your company grow

Martin Lane, managing editor of money.co.uk, discusses the range of alternative business funding options for you to consider as a small business owner.

Crowdfunding for Business

Peer to peer strikes a chord with younger generation

People aged 18-34 are four times more likely than over-55s to have money invested in a peer to peer platform.

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Peer-to-peer lenders, regulation and small businesses

Adam Tavener looks at the impact of regulation on peer-to-peer lenders and why it shouldn't be seen as detrimental to innovation.

Alternative finance

A peer-to-peer lending case study: Red Advertising

Job advertising network Red Advertising secured a loan of £150,000 over five years through peer-to-peer lender ThinCats.com.

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4 small business functions that must be automated for greater profits

Can technology help you create more efficient business models? In this article, we explore how you can use technology to boost your business

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It’s time the UK’s small businesses got the seamless communications and collaboration tools they need

Why seamless collaboration is crucial for UK small businesses and what tools can help

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Flexible work is making cybersecurity tougher for UK SMBs. It’s time they got the tools, and the platform, to defend themselves

The cybersecurity landscape for small businesses and the tips and tools that can help

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How to enhance your customer and employee experiences using Uber Vouchers

This article explains how Uber Vouchers can enhance both your customer and employee experience