How employers are failing to bridge employee savings gap

A third of UK employees are saving less than £50 a month, with one in five not saving anything at all, according to new research.


Britain could be just 11 years away from pension crisis

Nearly half of people in the UK aren’t saving into a pension, which could lead to a pension crisis in just over a decade.


Companies’ ability to fulfil pensions at its lowest level since recession

FTSE 350 companies’ level of support for pension schemes sinks to its lowest point since the recession, according to new PwC research.


5.5 million people are saving more as a direct result of the pension freedoms

Thursday 6 April marks the second anniversary of the introduction of the pension freedoms, with millions already saving from it.

Employing & managing staff

Will the self-employed U-turn encourage future pension savings?

Philip Blows looks at the U-turn on self-employed taxes and what else needs to be considered to ensure the outcome is 'fair and appropriate’.


More than one in five Brit workers are not saving for a pension

British workers are not saving for their pension, with 80 per cent of those who do contribute having no idea how much they need to save for retirement.


Pensions savings – which option is right for you?

In this piece, Chris Kelly shares a helpful guide to your pension options and how to maximise your savings.


£47,000 shortfall in employer pension contributions for women

Employers are contributing less to women’s pensions than men: a result of the gender pay gap, career breaks for women and men working in larger businesses .


Workers consider increasing pension contributions after pay rise

More than two fifths of UK adults yet to retire say earning more would encourage them to save more into a pension.


UK workers have no idea how much their employer contributes to their pension

More than half of UK workers have no idea how much their employer contributes to their pension, a new study reveals.


Self-employed retirement saving: the next pensions crisis

Self-employed workers are at risk of suffering a pensions crisis if they choose not to contribute, a new study finds.


Employees concerned with pension planning

Nearly 60 per cent of employees worry they are not saving enough for their retirement ahead of the 2012 pension reforms.

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