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Knight Capital to open London office offering small business loans

UK offshoot of Malaysian financier Knight Capital promises personal service to small business borrowers

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How to prepare your application for a business loan

Sourcing a business loan is easy through online marketplaces such as Know Your Money. Deciding whether to go for a high-street bank or a new alternative lender is the hard part. Which kind of business lender is right for you?


Government launches Business Finance Council to help small businesses

Business secretary Andrea Leadsom will co-chair Business Finance Council to help small business access working capital and investment in post-Brexit Britain

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Exclusive – B-North to open national small business bank by end-2020

B-North plans to open network of eight branches across England, combining face-to-face lending with cutting-edge technology


KPMG urges SMEs to speak to banks before shock of no-deal Brexit

Small business should speak to their banks now about shoring up overdrafts and loans as threat of no deal moves closer, says KPMG

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Barclays business CEO worries SME lending bubble could burst

Barclays business banking CEO Ian Rand fears growing SME lending market could see a Wonga-style collapse if fintech lending criteria are not rigorous enough

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Q&A Ian Rand, CEO of Barclays Business Banking

The head of Barclays Business Banking says that small business owners value the human element just as much as the latest banking app

Small Business Banking

OakNorth offers mortgages to small business entrepreneurs

Challenger SME bank OakNorth aims to close £260m worth of mortgages by year-end as high-street banks are hamstrung by lending criteria

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NatWest doubles its Growth Fund pot for small businesses to £6bn

Growth Fund has already deployed nearly £3bn of initial funding pot, with 30% deployed to green businesses


SME lending: 56% of the country saw value of loans fall last year

The value of bank loans to SMEs has fallen by over half in the past year, especially in areas industry and manufacturing heartlands.

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The online lender that has seen funding to small businesses soar

Online debt is proving to be a popular form of funding for SMEs, as the growth of finance provider Fleximize has demonstrated.

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Open Banking

Simon Cureton, CEO of Funding Options, explores the benefits of Open Banking for small and medium-sized businesses

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PayFit raises €254M to continue transforming in-house payroll for SMEs

Now valued at €1.82B, PayFit aims to strengthen its position in its current markets

Masterclass Series

Green finance

Simon Cureton, CEO of Funding Options, walks us through the 'green boom' in eco-friendly businesses along the growth of green finance

Masterclass Series

The funding landscape

This article from Tracc looks at the changing funding landscape and how business owners can improve their chance to secure funding themselves