Employing & managing staff

Are extra smoking breaks unfair to your employees?

With an average of four smoking breaks per a working day, more than 60 per cent of office workers believe they are ‘unfair’.

Employing & managing staff

How to manage smoke breaks at work

Many employers are feeling the wrath of non-smokers who object to their nicotine-addicted colleagues taking extra breaks to satisfy their habit during the working day.

Employing & managing staff

Is an unofficial smoking break fair on non-smokers?

I have a number of workers that smoke and I let them normally have a five-minute unofficial smoke break in the afternoon. However, one of my employees, who is a non-smoker, has complained that it is unfair they are not allowed an extended break. Am I in the wrong?

Office & home working

34 million working days lost every year due to smoking-related sick leave

How e-cigarettes could be the answer to loss of productivity caused by smoking breaks.

Employing & managing staff

Staff member takes excessive smoking breaks

What is the official HR policy on smoking breaks? One member of staff has complained about another taking excessive time out.

Legal advice

Smoking breaks

I am a care worker and do 24-hour shifts with any breaks spent with the clients. My employer has imposed a no-smoking policy and employees are not allowed to smoke on the premises, although the clients are allowed. What are my rights?

Legal advice

Smoking at work

What rights do employees have with regard to smoking, and does the employer have a legal obligation to provide a smoking area off the premises?

Legal advice

Smoking breaks at work

I am a care worker and am required to incorporate my breaks into working with the clients, so I'm on duty throughout my shift. However, my smoking colleagues are allowed to go outside for smoke breaks. Am I entitled to additional payment as I do not have the opportunity of client-free time?

Employing & managing staff

Smokers’ rights

What are an employee's rights on smoking within the work day? i.e. Are they entitled to specified breaks?

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Find out how creative agency, Myth Studio, used technology to grow their business and quadruple their staff count in 18 months

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Attracting and keeping top talent through Total Reward

Employment benefits specialist, Drewberry, explain why you should base your benefits around a Total Reward Strategy

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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover if somebody sues your business and they allege that your advice caused financial loss or damaged their brand. It’s not just for accountants and lawyers but for anyone offering a personal service, even web designers