Talent Acquisition and Retention

Archive of articles on talent management issues for UK SMEs. Guides and expert advice on attracting and retaining talented employees for your small business.

Masterclass Series

Adopting a small business mindset is key

Precision FM's CEO, Brij Thankey, talks about how values of a small business – like flexibility and patience – are helpful to every business


Digital transformation: Innovation and talent management

The speed in which a business adopts digital technology can reveal how it manages its staff, according to new research.


Two thirds of UK SME bosses face recruitment and retention difficulties

New study suggests that one in five SMEs report having problems with a high level of staff turnover and recruitment.

Employing & managing staff

Why are businesses struggling to attract and retain top performing talent?

With the news that 29 per cent of employers have declared employee turnover is growing, we take a look at why businesses can't keep top talent.


Businesses face imminent war for talent, warns Fujitsu

A Fujitsu-commissioned whitepaper outlines that businesses must rethink social and technology strategies to plan for the future workplace – or risk being left behind.

Employing & managing staff

Why you should never overlook a candidate’s natural talent

Here, Lee Biggins goes through some of the key natural talents which should never be overlooked during the recruitment process.

Employing & managing staff

How a small business can retain its talent

David Cartwright, founder of OBD Academy, discusses how strategic investment in your team can prevent employee churn.

Employing & managing staff

Brands with outdated talent acquisition will fail in the customer age

CAB Studios have commissioned the white paper ‘Power to the Customer’, revealing how brands must evolve in the customer age and what the industry needs to do to keep pace.

Business management

Tech giants are hungry for SME talent – is your workforce prepared?

Here, Martin Ewings, director of regional sales and specialist markets for Experis, highlights the opportunities for SME M&A with big tech giants.

Employing & managing staff

The best talent already works for you – but you don’t know it

Hiring talent can be one of the most difficult part for a small business owner, but the talent might already be within the company.

Employing & managing staff

Employee retention strategy: A three-step guide

Many employers believe retaining staff is simply about money but it is far from the be all and end all. Here, we look at the best strategies to retain talent.

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16 ways to improve your business cash flow

Read here for 16 tried and tested tips and tricks to improve potential cash flow problems

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Agility – the new rocket fuel for today’s SMBs

How Microsoft Teams is helping small businesses stay nimble

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Six ways to boost your small company’s culture with technology

Getting the most from Microsoft Teams to help build a common purpose and connection within your business

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Five ways to boost SMB cyber defence so you can focus on growth

Want to boost your cybersecurity? Check out these five ways to strengthen your defences against attacks