Tax relief

Articles and guides on utilising government tax reliefs, and related various deductions, credits, exemptions, or incentives, available for UK SMEs.


Tax-free shopping could give economy extra £10bn

Business groups are calling to reinstate tax-free shopping for international visitors but the Treasury is reluctant to do so.


Employment Allowance for small business

We answer the key questions around Employment Allowance to help you determine whether your business is eligible and, if it is, how to apply


Hunt replaces super deduction with new tax break

Among his announcements in the Spring Budget, the Chancellor has introduced full expensing, successor to the super deduction tax break


HMRC doubles payout time for R&D tax relief

Taxman double the length of time smaller companies have to wait to get R&D tax credits paid out from one month to two months as it combats what it sees as growing fraud.


7 tax myths for small business owner/managers exploded

As we head into the new tax year, Stuart Clark of Russell & Russell sorts out fact from fiction, putting money in your pocket


Sajid Javid cools talk of raising national insurance threshold to £12,500

Tory move to lift national insurance threshold to £12,500 would put nearly £700 each in the pockets of millions of small business workers


6 tax breaks every small business should know about

You could add thousands of pounds to your small business bottom line by applying these little-known tax breaks.


Why small businesses are missing out on millions in R&D tax credit relief

Failed innovations can still reward a business’s bottom line, providing extra capital which can be reinvested through the research and development (R&D) and Patent Box tax credits. Mark Tighe explains.


How can my small business make the most of tax reliefs available?

Small businesses can miss out on tax breaks and reliefs that could save them money. Jonathan Amponsah outlines 12 common mistakes to avoid


Tax relief and fintech could help self-employed to save more into pension

Government is adapting its strategy to deal with self-employed pension crisis.

Employing & managing staff

Pension tax relief disparity among higher and lower paid staff

Uncertainty remains for millions of low paid workers as to whether they will get tax relief on their pension contributions, according to one pension provider. Employers need to consider carefully the way in which their pension scheme works. Stephanie Spicer reports


Landlord tax relief changes: Why property owners should consider a limited company

As a landlord, you could see profits for both new and existing buy-to-let investors significantly decline. But if you're a limited company, this may not be the case. Here, Neil Lancaster explains why.

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How should I select my business broadband provider?

As with any supplier, it’s important to do your research and ask important questions before you select a broadband provider for your business. But what are the must-have things you should take into consideration?

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Why your business should switch to a broadband-based phone network

Analogue phone systems are increasingly being replaced by smarter broadband based networks – here’s why you should consider switching

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Streamlining document management for your small business

David Malan, sales director of DocuWare for the UK and Ireland, explains how the platform can streamline your document management

Business Loans

A guide to getting a small business loan

Everything you need to know on what small business loans are and what types of loan are available for your business.