Valuation Office Agency


What is rateable value in 2023?

What is rateable value and how has it changed as of 1 April 2023? What you need to know if you want to appeal your rates bill


Business rates relief fund yet to pay out single penny

Government's bruited £1.5bn business rates relief fund for businesses most affected by Covid has yet to make single payment, leaving over 400,000 businesses dangling


What is the Valuation Office Agency? A guide for small business

What is the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) and how does it go about calculating your business rates? What happens if you disagree with the VOA rateable value calculation?

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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover if somebody sues your business and they allege that your advice caused financial loss or damaged their brand. It’s not just for accountants and lawyers but for anyone offering a personal service, even web designers

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Benefits of switching to the right business bank account

We've teamed up with the Current Account Switch Service to explain the benefits of switching your business bank account.

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Business Companion: a reliable voice in the misinformation age

Business Companion is a one-stop-shop for accurate and up-to-date legal guidance, whatever sector you’re in — and it’s all completely free

Finding and selling to customers

How Amazon Ads is supporting entrepreneurs

Digital ad campaigns aren't just for big businesses. Here's why you should be considering it...