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Work life balance

More women embracing freelancing in search of greater life balance 

The number of women starting their own business has grown by two fifths since 2010, finds research.

Work life balance

Career flexibility: Juggling parenthood with business ambition

Caroline Crabbe, general manager at Jo Jingles, discusses how to balance the responsibilities of work and raising a family.

Work life balance

How to run a business around your family

Nicola Semple, founder of the Mum's Business Academy, shares her three top tips for managing a start-up with a family in tow.


Are small businesses fully open to gender equality?

Beatrice Bartlay looks at how small companies can support and inspire equality from entry level employees upwards.


Two thirds of mums consider starting a business from home

Nearly two thirds of mothers with children under the age of ten are thinking about starting a business from home in the next three years, research finds.

Work life balance

How direct selling can help achieve a work and family life balance

In this article, Paula Gorry, UK business development manager at crafting company Stampin' Up! explores direct selling as a viable business model for mums.

Work life balance

How working mums can simplify their day-to-day routine

Nicola Bird presents the case for the empowerment of more women to boost the economy with an army of flexible businesses.

Work life balance

How to have it all: Growing a start-up and a family, without losing either

Phil Rothwell, marketing director of SellerDeck, discusses the art of sustaining a business and a family at the same time.

Work life balance

Achieving a work-life balance as a working mum 

Nicola Bird, founder of JigsawBox.com, runs a global online coaching platform as well as being a mum to her three young children. Here, she tells SmallBusiness.co.uk how she has achieved a balance that works for her.

Work life balance

Being a woman in the tech sector

Béatrice Piquer Durand, of Ipanema Technologies, discusses the challenges of being a female in the male-dominated world of IT.


Women earners take on household finances

Working women are taking on more financial responsibilities in UK households, with 71 per cent carrying out general household budgeting on a daily basis.


CBI drive for more women on boards

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called for a requirement for listed companies to measure their progress in boosting the number of women on boards.

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4 small business functions that must be automated for greater profits

Can technology help you create more efficient business models? In this article, we explore how you can use technology to boost your business

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It’s time the UK’s small businesses got the seamless communications and collaboration tools they need

Why seamless collaboration is crucial for UK small businesses and what tools can help

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Flexible work is making cybersecurity tougher for UK SMBs. It’s time they got the tools, and the platform, to defend themselves

The cybersecurity landscape for small businesses and the tips and tools that can help

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How to enhance your customer and employee experiences using Uber Vouchers

This article explains how Uber Vouchers can enhance both your customer and employee experience