Work-life balance


Why millions of people want to become self-employed in 2019

More people want to become self-employed in 2019. New research reveals who's making the change and why they're doing it.

Business Technology

How technology can be the best treatment for a work-life imbalance

Some employees that the rise of technology will make life harder for them. However, Jon Wrennall of Advanced tells us how technology can reset that pesky work-life imbalance.

Work life balance

Overwhelming workloads tip the scales on work-life balance

The Qualtrics Employee Pulse, taken every quarter, asks 4,000 employees about the state of their workplace including how an overloaded work schedule effects their work-life balance.

Work life balance

Tips on how to achieve work-life balance

Here, Laura Little, learning and development manager at CABA, gives her top tips on how to successfully achieve work-life balance.


One in seven people are unhappy with their work-life balance

New research on office workers show the work-life balance of employees is disproportionate, with many working outside of work hours.


Freelancers confident about striking better work/life balance

Freelancers and contractors are most optimistic about striking a better work/life balance in the next 12 months.


The anti-social sector: Where we work dictates how we socialise

Workers in the hospitality industry are found to be the least sociable outside of work, as new study analyses how we socialise at work.

Work life balance

SME work culture inspires a better work/life balance in healthcare

With the rise in gig-economy working among SMEs, healthcare workers are inspired to find a better work/life balance.

Work life balance

Time to take a break: Top tips for a better work-life balance this summer

Gary Turner, UK co-founder and managing director at Xero, gives his top tips to find a better work-life balance this summer.

Business management

Work/life balance worries SME bosses more than finance

SME bosses worry more about the impact of work on their lives than they do about profit and loss and finances, a new study reveals.

Work life balance

Surprise! Majority of employees and managers engage in hard work

New research has shockingly found that a majority of employees and managers engage in hard work, toiling longer than their contracted hours.


Getting away from it all

As school holidays begin for most of the UK, many families are contemplating their annual getaway, but it seems numerous small business owners are putting their escape on ice.

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16 ways to improve your business cash flow

Read here for 16 tried and tested tips and tricks to improve potential cash flow problems

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Agility – the new rocket fuel for today’s SMBs

How Microsoft Teams is helping small businesses stay nimble

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Six ways to boost your small company’s culture with technology

Getting the most from Microsoft Teams to help build a common purpose and connection within your business

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Five ways to boost SMB cyber defence so you can focus on growth

Want to boost your cybersecurity? Check out these five ways to strengthen your defences against attacks