Top 5 CRM software providers for UK small businesses

Looking for a new CRM software provider for your UK small business? Here are 5 CRM software providers to choose from.

Check out this list of the top 5 CRM software providers for UK small businesses.


How is this top 5 composed?

These CRM software providers are selected based on the business type for which they were developed, (expert) reviews and the possibilities and functions.

Important functions include identifying sales opportunities, recording service issues and managing marketing campaigns. The start-up time, ease of use and support were examined in the expert reviews.

Choice for CRM software: what should I take into account?

The range of CRM systems is wide. How do you make a wise choice? There are a number of things that you have to take into account when choosing.

1. CRM type or purpose

In general, you could define five types of CRM systems: Sales, Client Management, Marketing, Customer Support or multi-function (integrating different customer processes). The first question you should ask yourself is; what is the main goal or purpose of a new CRM system?

2. Customer processes

Next you have to define which customer processes you want to facilitate with the CRM software. You may think of sales, customer support, marketing but also project management, invoicing and time tracking. Defining these processes will help you with defining your wish list and narrow the scope of your search for the best CRM system.

3. Your budget

Usually you pay about 20 to 50 euros per month for a good CRM system. For a complex system in which, for example, you also do team scheduling and have a lot of customer processes to cover, you can look at a SME CRM provider.

4. Integration with other software

Do you also use software for, for example, email marketing software or do you keep track of your customer contacts in an accounting program? Then see if a link is possible. That makes it much more convenient to share data between different departments and systems.

Important functions

In addition to the above, you can select a CRM system based on the functions that are important to you. For example, think of:

● Store customer and prospect contact information

● Identify sales opportunities

● Record service issues

● Manage marketing campaigns

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