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Food truck

Average pay: £1,159-£1,990 income per month (wageindicator.co.uk)

Opening a food truck has major allure, allowing you to serve up tasty dishes of your own creation. It’s a popular market too. Statistics from The British Gateway reveal that 50 per cent of British consumers buy street food at least once a week.

Think about the competition in your area before you dive in though. Don’t set up a food business with the same cuisine or unique selling point as someone else. Check out the festivals or regular markets you want to pitch up at, if someone already offers what you’re looking to serve, can you do a fusion, such as sushi burritos.

The Nationwide Caterers Association says the price of a new food truck, complete with fittings and equipment, would set you back between £5,000 and £50,000. Setting up a restaurant, on the other hand, can be well over £50,000.

Now to the legal stuff. You must register your food business with your local authority at least 28 days before you start selling food.

Get a street trading licence and an additional licence if you plan on playing music. Make sure you know what regulations are in place – you can’t just park up anywhere and start selling.

A level 3 food hygiene certificate is advisable for you and level 2 certification for your staff who are handling food.  

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