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Average pay: £27,000 a year (Totaljobs)

The average Brit will redecorate their home an average of 36 times across their life, according to Anglian Home. Given a wealth of DIY mishaps, it’s no surprise that some home dwellers may want a professional to take on the job before and save them a trip off a wobbly stepladder.

You can base your pricing on your clientele, depending on where you live or nearby rivals. Your clientele could dictate the patterns of your work too. Are you more likely to do one-off jobs or do regular paint jobs every couple of years or so? Will you do residential properties, commercial properties (or both)? From this, you can get a sense of what services you can offer. If you do exterior painting, factors like bad weather could get in the way of your earning potential so include any contingencies in your business plan.

A Construction Skills Certificate is required to work on most building sites.

Keep health and safety legislation in mind too, for example the work you can do at a certain height on a ladder.

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