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Yogahood – bold and simple, retro and cute

Yoga teacher Sanchia Leglister, who uses the moniker Yogahood, says she began the company after getting tired of being the only black person in a class. The yoga scene can feel a bit exclusive and entering a new studio was a bit daunting, she told website Loti. She began Yogahood to shift yoga away from being perceived as being a white, middle-class activity and encourage other black people to get into their downward dogs and sunrise salutations. She takes yoga into new spaces such as nightclubs and also plays contemporary urban music in her sessions, such as Stormzy. “I created Yogahood to try and open the doors to the yoga, wellness and self-care/love scene,” she said.

Designer Ivo Ivanov, who calls himself Nechu, says: “The mix between yoga and hip-hop really inspired me. In turn, I tried to create a mix between the aesthetics with bold and simple lines and shapes, a little bit retro and cute. I wanted to achieve power and warmth in my design. The message behind the logo is very simple and direct. To see others and the world directly with your heart. To do your things with love, to love yourself and others. Not to be ashamed, but to be proud of yourself as you are.”

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