How Amazon Ads is supporting entrepreneurs

Digital ad campaigns aren't just for big businesses. Here's why you should be considering it...

Entrepreneurs are facing more challenges than ever before. From the rapidly evolving economic environment, to the increasing need to do more with less, the pressures on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can feel overwhelming right now.

You’re probably looking for some solutions you can count on; tools that will make your life a little easier. That’s where Amazon Ads can help.

In 2022, more than 125,000 European small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sold more than 1.2 billion products to Amazon customers worldwide. This is equivalent to more than 2,200 sales every minute, according to the 2023 Amazon EU Economic Impact Report. Advertising is helping these smaller brands get noticed; small and medium businesses in Europe saw 120% more glance views, on average, within 20 weeks of launching sponsored ads in their home country.

Successful brands don’t exist in a vacuum. Advertising with Amazon Ads is a great way for brands to help get in front of new customers. Think of them as ads that work whilst you work, eat, sleep and repeat. 

Advertising isn’t just for enterprise businesses

It’s a misconception that only big brands advertise on Amazon. Amazon Ads products are designed for everyone, including small businesses, and have helped these businesses grow their sales. In the UK, small businesses saw 23% of their sales, on average, driven by Amazon Ads.

No matter your budget, sponsored ads are designed to work within it. You can choose your ad products based on your goals, and in general, it’s possible to see results like ad impressions, clicks, or sales with a budget of around €10/£10 a day. We recommend starting with Sponsored Products, which are cost-per-click ads that promote individual product listings.

From here, you can move on to incorporating other products into your advertising mix to help with brand building, or reaching more customers, such as Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display. Sponsored Brands creative ads appear in relevant Amazon shopping results to help customers discover your brand, and Sponsored Display self-service display ads help you engage shoppers across their shopping journey, on and off Amazon.

With low barriers to entry and a flexible budget, Amazon Ads can be an affordable and effective marketing tool for entrepreneurs looking to grow their sales and expand their customer base.

Amazon Ads also provides valuable insights into your ad performance, allowing you to refine your targeting and messaging to improve return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Get your brand noticed by customers

Amazon Launchpad is a program that supports start-ups and small business owners across various stages of their business journey. For example, Amazon Launchpad helps entrepreneurs with marketing or with distributing their products to millions of Amazon customers around the world. To-date, Amazon Launchpad has helped small business owners launch over 4,000 new products. As part of Launchpad, those who sign up receive Amazon Ads click credits to spend on advertising.

Pier Carlo Montali, the CEO and co-founder of Security Watch, the company that invented the WinLet—an innovative portable female protection device—has seen success using solutions by Amazon Ads. Montali is a previous winner of the prestigious Launchpad Innovation Awards, and has since grown his business into a success story.

“We have been investing in Amazon Ads every day for almost a year,” said Montali. “It’s simple, you see immediate results and if you have a quality product, Amazon Ads can help you to sell large volumes right away. Investing in Amazon Ads allows you to be seen by customers who are ready to buy immediately and not by people who are browsing for information or are simply curious. In my opinion, this is the real added value of Amazon Ads and the reason why I would recommend it.”

Advertising on Amazon helps deliver results. Small and medium businesses in Europe saw 57% more sales, on average, within 20 weeks of launching sponsored ads in their home country.

Let Amazon Ads be a helping hand to your business and get started with advertising now.

Learn how Amazon Ads can help your small business.