Employing & managing staff

The latest guides on employing and managing full or part time staff effectively as a small business owner or sole trader. Contains advice on employment law, health and safety at work, recruitment, training, redundancy and disciplinary information, employee rights, workplace regulations, and much more.

This section provides expert and in-depth advice articles on all aspects of staff management and human resources legislation. Our aim is to help UK small businesses to hire great employees, manage them effectively and look after them properly.

Other key topics covered in this employing staff section include team management, employee motivation, legal rights and responsibilities, managing absence, maternity pay and leave, taking on new staff, induction programmes, communication, workplace policies, flexible working, job descriptions, employment contracts and related information.

We also provide information on HR tools, templates and resources specially targeted at SMEs as well as suitable training courses and workshops that can help you get the best out of your staff to make a more efficient, more profitable, happy and productive company. Sounds good? Then read on…

How to be a better leader

Three-quarters of small business owners admitted in a recent Business Link survey that their management and leadership skills left some room for improvement. Use these top tips to become a better leader.

Employing & managing staff

Employing & managing staff

Navigate the employment law maze

UK and European legislation has ensured that the days of an entrepreneur being master of his own house with regard to employment issues has long gone.

Employing & managing staff

How to set salaries

Non-financial incentives, such as flexible working, training, extra holidays and a good working atmosphere all have their place in rewarding employees. But let's be honest, it's cold hard cash that's the main reason most staff come to work every morning. So, how do balance paying your staff enough to keep them happy while not breaking the bank?

Employing & managing staff

Providing job references

The issue of providing job references is becoming increasingly problematic. Peter Done, founder of employment law specialist Peninsula, explains what you should and shouldn't do.

Employing & managing staff

Watch out for thieving staff

The UK is one of the worst countries in Europe for stealing by employees, according to a report by the Centre for Retail Research. Even if you employ relatively few people, it’s still important to consider the worst-case scenario of staff theft and put measures in place now to deal with it in the future

Employing & managing staff

Top 10 HR tips

For many businesses, people are the most important asset;'s Top Ten HR Tips provide advice on how to find and keep the best employees and offer hints on helping them develop.

Employing & managing staff

Training: the key to retaining staff

Learning on the job can lead to a more motivated and productive workforce and enable your staff to keep up with the latest trends in areas such as technology and people management.

Employing & managing staff

Legal life-cycle of an employee

There are certain obligations and rules that an employer must be aware of at various times during an employee's working life. These are laid out in full here.

Employing & managing staff

Guide to your rights and duties as an employer

In general terms, apart from what is in the employment contract, what can you expect from your employees and what can they expect from you?

Employing & managing staff

Guide to written statements of employment

Every employee should be given a written statement of employment that clearly lays down the rules that both you, as the employer, and they must abide by.

Employing & managing staff

Guide to sacking an employee

Like it or not, there may come a time when you have to dismiss an employee and this guide shows you the best and most painless way of accomplishing this unpleasant task.

Employing & managing staff

Guide to interviewing candidates

While candidates have to be well prepared, you, as the interviewer, must also take steps to ready yourself for the interview process.

Employing & managing staff

Guide to dismissal and disciplinary rules

When the need arises to take disciplinary action against an employee you must follow the standard three-step dismissal and disciplinary procedure.

Employing & managing staff

Protecting your business when an employee leaves

You can’'t prevent an employee leaving your business but there are steps you can take to ensure that important clients do not go with them.

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