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Pivoting to an online business – 8 legal mistakes to avoid

Many small businesses are launching websites to keep sales going during the coronavirus pandemic. Lawyer Marion Kennedy highlights 8 legal mistakes to avoid when pivoting to an online business

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How to get your small business online within an hour

Small businesses are struggling in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, especially those without a website. We'll help you get online


GoDaddy offers free websites to start-ups that complete 12-day challenge

Website builder GoDaddy will host a free website for one year to aspiring start-ups that complete its 12-day challenge

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How to establish an online presence for new businesses

Nearly two million UK small businesses don't have any online presence, costing them over £343bn a year. Here are 5 effective ways to establish your small business on the internet.

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HTTPS: why your small business website needs to be HTTPS ASAP

Customers searching for your website on Google see it marked "not secure" if you are not HTTPS enabled - which could act as a brake on potential sales. Happily, reputable website providers such as Yell offer HTTPS as part of their standard website setup.

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A guide to planning content for your new website or blog

Now that you've built your website, let's put some content on it. The UK Domain shares how you should sort out your plan.

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How can I promote my small business website?

We answer 5 common questions on how to grow and market your small business website, from understanding SEO to advertising on social media

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Building a business website: what key steps are involved?

Your 6-point plan to designing and building a business website – from going mobile first through to launching a blog and selling online.

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What’s the best website builder for my small business?

Do you want your small business to sell through the internet? Basic e-commerce packages offered by six of the most popular website builders compared

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Building and designing your perfect website

In partnership with the UK Domain, we give you some handy tips to help you design and build a website for your small business.

Business Technology

Your first website – a 6-step guide

Follow this 6-step guide to help you build your first website for your small business.

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How do I build a website for my small business?

If you don't know where to begin when it comes to building a website for your small business, take a look at these tips.

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4 small business functions that must be automated for greater profits

Can technology help you create more efficient business models? In this article, we explore how you can use technology to boost your business

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It’s time the UK’s small businesses got the seamless communications and collaboration tools they need

Why seamless collaboration is crucial for UK small businesses and what tools can help

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Flexible work is making cybersecurity tougher for UK SMBs. It’s time they got the tools, and the platform, to defend themselves

The cybersecurity landscape for small businesses and the tips and tools that can help

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How to enhance your customer and employee experiences using Uber Vouchers

This article explains how Uber Vouchers can enhance both your customer and employee experience