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Five successful small business ideas for 2021

James Birch of Colour Graphics shares the five most successful business ideas to launch in 2021, including businesses you can run from home


List of small business associations and networking groups

Business associations and networks offer SME owners and entrepreneurs useful resources to help them grow their companies.


How to successfully pitch your business idea

Here, we provide some tips on how to build a punchy investor presentation – and how to condense it into a 30-second elevator pitch.

Business Ideas & Planning

Top five business ideas for students

In this article, we've put together five ideas that you can use while you’re still a student to start your own business.

Business Ideas & Planning

Ideas for a small business: The best ones to go for

Here, we reveal some of the best ideas for a small business.

Business Ideas & Planning

How to make a brand-new business idea a success

David Sonnenthal, director and founder of New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, speaks about his experience starting a high-end pawn shop, and how entrepreneurs with fresh ideas can learn from his experiences.


The two essentials for crowdsourcing success revealed

Here, we look at two essential tips that can help you successfully secure crowdsourcing.

Buying and selling a company

Three small business ideas you can start on a shoestring

Nicky Tatley looks at three small businesses that are quick to get up and running and don’t require a heap of cash to start, with some real-life case studies for inspiration.


Entrepreneurial Britain bristling with business brains

Britons generate more than 13,000 new business ideas per hour, according to a study.

Business management

Simon Hill on starting ideas management company Wazoku

Simon Hill started innovation management company Wazoku in 2011 and is already looking to turn over £400,000 for his next year of trading.


Merchandise and product licensing for small businesses

Kelvyn Gardner, managing director of the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association, explains how licensing can work for small businesses.


‘Dormant entrepreneurs’ missing opportunities

Some 70 per cent of those with an idea for a business have not acted on it, research finds.

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How to prepare for business growth in 2022

The team at Funding Options explain how to prepare for business growth in 2022

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Tide to empower small businesses to optimise cash flow with insights tool

Tide is introducing a Cashflow Insights tool to help small businesses mitigate delays in payment and improve their credit score

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Business Current Account Masterclass

Tune into the Masterclass from the Current Account Switch Service to find out why you should switch your business account pronto

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How should I select my business broadband provider?

As with any supplier, it’s important to do your research and ask important questions before you select a broadband provider for your business. But what are the must-have things you should take into consideration?