Absence and Absenteeism

Advice and guides on how to manage absenteeism (habitual evasion of work, or willful absence for voluntary reasons) and unscheduled employee absence in the workplace for legitimate purposes (e.g. accidents, sickness or a family issue).

Employing & managing staff

The top ten worst excuses for absence

We have all pulled a sickie to get out of work for one reason or another, but what are the top ten excuses for absence?

Employing & managing staff

Absenteeism is hitting UK SMEs where it hurts

Seven in ten small businesses say high absenteeism rates are impacting their profitability and productivity.


Absence rates show Blue Monday and National Sickie Day are no more

Absence rates for the first half of the year show that British workers are avoiding Blue Monday and national sickie day to call in sick.


Employers don’t see coughs and colds as acceptable excuses for absence

Small business bosses are dubious that coughs and colds warrant time off, research finds.


127 million hours of work absence taken due to mental health

Mental health problems, including stress, depression and anxiety, are the leading cause of workplace absence in the UK after minor illnesses, research finds.

Employing & managing staff

What happens when an employee struggles to get in during bad weather?

Here, Alan Price discusses how to deal with absenteeism due to inclement weather.


Excuses for absence revealed by employees

Almost one in six working Britons admit to 'faking it' for a day off work, research finds.

Employing & managing staff

How to deal with short-term absence issues

Employee absence can be particularly damaging to the productivity of a small business. Employment expert Adrian Hoggarth outlines how to regain control of the situation as a company owner.

Business management

Advisory service to help businesses tackle long-term sickness absence

Businesses will be helped to tackle long-term sickness absence in the workplace by a new independent assessment and advisory service.


Calls to address sickness absence

The government is being urged to reinvigorate its efforts to tackle sickness absence.


Public sector employees take more sick days

Research has uncovered a significant discrepancy in absence trends between the public and private sectors.


Tackling absenteeism and stress

Dealing with absenteeism as well as office stress levels seems to be a bugbear for small businesses, judging by research.

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