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Finding and selling to customers

5 ways to make your website more friendly for older customers

Older shoppers spend £320bn each year, yet online sellers pay little attention to them. Paul Gray, marketing director of online fashion retailer Chums, chases the grey pound

Business Technology

Live Chat revolution – Convert leads into sales with Live Chat

Traditional websites are becoming less effective at converting browsers into sales. Offering Live Chat could give you the competitive edge. In fact, SMEs have the most to gain from offering a Live Chat service out of hours - it could be what makes you stand out from the competition.


Small business SEO: 6 easy wins to boost your website ranking

Your small business SEO can rank alongside big rivals on Google if you follow these six simple steps

Getting Online

How can I promote my small business website?

We answer 5 common questions on how to grow and market your small business website, from understanding SEO to advertising on social media

Getting Online

Five tips on investing in the build and design of your website

Your website is the one online presence that you actually own and can control. Here, we look at how to maximise its build and design.

Business Technology

How to use web development courses to start your new career

Here, we look at an option for a course that teaches the necessary skills to get a good job in the field of web development.

Getting Online

Six things to consider during e-commerce website development

Here are six important aspects to consider during website development.

Business Technology

Top ten tips for choosing a web developer

Here, James Frost reveals the key considerations for small business owners to make when choosing a web developer.

Business Technology

Making your small business website a big deal

The website will often be the first point of contact between the brand and customer and it is therefore crucial that small businesses get it right. Here's how they can.

Business Technology

Key design trends for small companies this year

Here, we look at some predictions for small business website trends in 2016.

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Can businesses save money on CBILS repayment costs by refinancing for a RLS loan?

Your business could save money on CBILS repayments by refinancing for an RLS loan – Funding Options tells us how

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How to grow your team

Andrew Walsh, founder of AW Repair Group, takes a look at some of the key issues that small businesses face as they scale up

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How to build your business

Andrew Walsh, founder of AW Repair Group, explains why you need to invest in your branding – even if you're a small business

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Embrace your unconventional superpowers

Brij Thankey, CEO of Precision FM, explains how taking focus away from the numbers and putting it on his team has benefited his business