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The Social Media small business archive. This section features expert advice and guidance on strategies UK small business owners can use to grow and sustain a successful presence on social media platforms.


How to create a social media strategy as a business leader

Here, Alex Packham of ContentCal explains how you should plan your social media strategy as a business leader.


The social media mistakes you need to avoid

Social media is a very powerful tool for your small business, but it can be easy to get wrong. Rick Jesse of Startup Stickers reveals the silly mistakes you should avoid.


Five reasons social media is crucial for your PR strategy

Social media is a strong low-cost marketing approach for businesses today. So why not utilise it?


How to successfully launch a PR campaign

In order to thrive as a business, you must have a positive reputation in the media industry. Simran Ghata-Aura explains how to successfully launch a PR campaign.

Employing & managing staff

Workers are only productive for up to two hours a day

Workers say that they're only productive for up to two hours a day. Here's what's affecting staff productivity.


How a social media platform can enhance affiliate marketing

Here, we look at social media and affiliate marketing, and how the two can interact in the most effective way for your business.


Why social media should be your business’ top priority in 2018

Only half of small businesses use social media as part of their marketing strategy, according to new research. We take a look at how SMEs can use the power of social media.

Employing & managing staff

Are inappropriate social media posts a case for dismissal?

Ethan Peters, employment solicitor at LHS Solicitors, discusses the steps employers can take if employees post damaging social media content.


Quarter of job candidates ‘stalk’ their interviewer’s social media

Half of all job candidates use social media for interview prep, including stalking their interviews social media profiles, research finds.


Social media bragging spilling out into workplace communications

Social media has been blamed for the growing trend of office workers using out of office emails to brag about their summer holidays.


Five tips to get your business started with social media advertising

Ben Harrington of BlueSocial looks at the rise in brands turning to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach the right audience and outlines why and how you should be advertising your business on social media.


Top tips to perfect your social media CV

Forget the traditional CV, social media has become a second CV with 60 per cent of employers now checking out potential candidates online.

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How to prepare for business growth in 2022

The team at Funding Options explain how to prepare for business growth in 2022

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Tide to empower small businesses to optimise cash flow with insights tool

Tide is introducing a Cashflow Insights tool to help small businesses mitigate delays in payment and improve their credit score

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Business Current Account Masterclass

Tune into the Masterclass from the Current Account Switch Service to find out why you should switch your business account pronto

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How should I select my business broadband provider?

As with any supplier, it’s important to do your research and ask important questions before you select a broadband provider for your business. But what are the must-have things you should take into consideration?