The increase in gambling advertising across sports

Gambling and betting on sports across the globe has increased, as our appetite for risking it all on sports increases.

 The increase in gambling advertising across sports

Any advertising will depict a product in a positive light and there is no difference when it comes to advertising gambling across sports. Sports events and their sponsors include the betting industry with gambling depicted as games played for their skill and excitement.

When the possibility of a win is thrown into the mix, then yes, gambling can attract those that have seen the ads at a sporting event.

We belong to a race of gamblers, and you only have to look back in history to find ancient dice game as an example, we love to chance a bet on almost anything, and once more gambling has lost its shady persona and ‘back room’ betting dens image.

Now gambling is a multi billion industry so it seems appropriate that sporting events should advertise something that promotes their events too, whether it is in the form of slots or sports betting on the actual event.

There is some speculation that gambling advertisements from online casinos have more impact on a certain group or groups of people. Research tends to show that youth in general have a high exposure to advertisements that depict gambling, and that some may be particularly influenced by it.

A massive 97 per cent mobile phone penetration exists in the UK alone, with 64 per cent of that being smartphones so it is no wonder that the advertisements are getting through to a younger audience, this is most likely an intentional move by the gambling industry as they will be targeting the next generation of online gamblers.

We must remember that the youth of today have grown up in a society that does not see gambling as that shady pass time that the older generation were led to believe it was. Gambling online is now firmly established as a popular culture, just like the slogans and jingles that we hear today so the same applies to those of the gambling industry.

The gambling industry has always had foresight and unafraid to pioneer new technologies and ideas and if you take football as an example you can then begin to appreciate how innovative the industry actual is.

Football is actually the most bet on sport in virtually every country in the world, and the more volume a sports betting market attract, well then the more attractive it becomes for the operators and the players.

We can now experience wall to wall televised games with extended coverage and huge tournaments each second summer. People love their football, and they also love to have a bet when they are watching as this makes the game even more exciting and also meaningful.

In play betting continues to grow and the cash out feature provides more opportunities for the player, yet still advertising gambling within sports is seen as a problem buy some, even when it is legal.

Betting has gone hand in hand with sports since the ancient times, and it not going to go away. When all interested parties work together, are transparent in their dealings then customers are served better and are also more protected.

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