Articles, guides and news on retailing topics for UK small businesses, whether traditional brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms, or omni-channel. Topics covered include the key elements of successful retailing such as inventory management, pricing strategies, customer service, store design, and marketing.


Boris Johnson forces retail shutdown of thousands of small businesses

Boris Johnson has announced a shutdown of most retailers apart from supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware and pet supply stores; newsagents and corner shops.


Hike corporation tax to cut business rates, urge retail bosses

Retail bosses to call on government to increase corporation tax to 21% to slash business rates by £6bn

Business Ideas & Planning

How to become a retail business owner

In partnership with BusinessesForSale.com, here are the things that you need to do to become a retail business owner.


Shoppers to spend £4.4bn with small retailers this Christmas

British shoppers to buy nearly one fifth of presents from independent retailers, spending on average £88 with indie shops


Retailers call for Chancellor to fix ‘broken business rates system’

Fifty retailers call for Chancellor Sajid Javid to freeze increases in business rates to help reform 'broken business rates system'


Retail SME numbers growing despite economic uncertainty

SMEs registering to sell products to the retail sector is booming despite economic pall, says barcode body


Glasgow is the UK’s most independent city – does your nearest city rank?

Glasgow is the UK's most independent city according to a study looking at the number of independents versus the number of big chains.

Business Ideas & Planning

The essential guide to setting up a pop-up shop in the UK

In this guide we explain the key things small businesses need to consider when setting up a pop-up shop in the UK.

Business management

Finding the right retail space for your business

Finding the right home for your business can play a crucial part in its success. Here's how to pin down the ideal retail space.


British Small Business Awards winners: Raishma Islam of Raishma

Our latest British Small Business Awards winner profile is Raishma Islam, whose eponymous clothing brand won the Retail Business of the Year Award at the 2017 event.

Finding and selling to customers

How to run a small shop successfully: Three shop owners give their thoughts

In this piece, three shop owners reveal how they boosted their business fortunes, from introducing a more focused product range to striving for the best customer service.


How to use a chalkboard to boost your business brand

Remember the last time you saw a pavement chalkboard and it made you think or chuckle? Aaron Inglethorpe of Discount Displays explores the elements you need to create memorable chalkboard messages.

Business Technology

How to keep your small business safe online

Here's how Security Service Edge from Vodafone can help to protect your SME from ever-increasing cyber threats

Business Technology

How to grow a global creative agency in record time

Find out how creative agency, Myth Studio, used technology to grow their business and quadruple their staff count in 18 months

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Attracting and keeping top talent through Total Reward

Employment benefits specialist, Drewberry, explain why you should base your benefits around a Total Reward Strategy

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

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