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Articles and guides on Digital Marketing technology trends and strategies for UK SMEs, encompassing social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more.


How to use live streaming tools to supercharge your digital marketing

Live social streaming is fast becoming one of the most effective digital marketing tools. Automating your live social feeds can turbocharge engagement

Getting Online

Voice search for small businesses

The way that people are researching information is changing. Follow this guide to get ahead and optimise your voice search for your business.


Five simple tips to merge your offline and online marketing strategies

It needn't be a competition between your business' online and offline marketing strategy – merging both can produce the best result.

Business management

Five common digital mistakes entrepreneurs make

Here, Carol Mann outlines five common digital mistakes that entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them.


Low cost digital marketing strategies for businesses on a budget

Here are some digital marketing tips to ensure your small business is getting the right exposure at the right price.


How to recover from bad online reviews

Online reviews heavily impact the decisions of consumers with 83% of respondents using reviews to help them pick the right hotel.


Why digital advertising will never completely take over

Digital advertising is popular among businesses but it's still worth having a budget for traditional advertising, says Tim Fuller of Discount Displays.


Generation Z marketing: The rules for reaching digital natives

Here, we look at some basic rules that businesses should follow when interacting with today’s young people.


Finding the right method of marketing on a budget

Here's how marketing can be done by yourself for a fraction of what it would normally cost.


Best practice website marketing tips for a small business

Lynn Morrison, Marketing Director at Opus Energy, discusses some best website marketing practices that should be considered by any ambitious small business.


Digital PR and the marketing mix: How to use PR for SEO success

In this piece, Jess Hawkes of Impression looks at how small businesses can make the most out of the digital marketing channels available.


Improving click-through rates: Three psychological approaches

In this piece, Hardik Oza explores three principles of psychology that will dramatically improve your click-through rate.

Business Technology

How to grow a global creative agency in record time

Find out how creative agency, Myth Studio, used technology to grow their business and quadruple their staff count in 18 months

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Attracting and keeping top talent through Total Reward

Employment benefits specialist, Drewberry, explain why you should base your benefits around a Total Reward Strategy

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5 things every small business owner needs to know before starting

HSBC - Advertising feature

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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover if somebody sues your business and they allege that your advice caused financial loss or damaged their brand. It’s not just for accountants and lawyers but for anyone offering a personal service, even web designers