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Finding and selling to customers

Sales commission structure for UK small business

You need to take on a salesperson to grow your business. But how do you know what to pay them? Here are the different sales commission structures you can use.

Finding and selling to customers

How to encourage your business contacts to refer you to new clients

Matt Simmons of Sales Geek explains what a business referral is and how you can use them to grow your company.

Finding and selling to customers

What does selling look like for SMEs in the ‘new normal’ of 2020?

To help SMEs cope with selling challenges, Expert Webinars have gathered panellists for a series of online events from 23-25 June 2020


UK SMEs predict 25% sales growth in the next financial year

New research from Skipton Business Finance says that UK SMEs across all sectors expect significant sales growth over the next financial year.


Why SMEs are at risk of a downturn

SME confidence is suffering due to falling sales and the low level of the pound, but owners should still invest in their companies.

Finding and selling to customers

Why focusing on your company’s average transaction value is key

In this article, we look at one of the key factors that affects both sales and profits in a small business: average transaction value.

Employing & managing staff

Building a sales team: What to consider as a small business

Building a sales team is a daunting prospect for any growing company, but can be achieved with the right people, technology, and activities. Here are some tips to getting it right.

Finding and selling to customers

How to maximise sales through the art of listening

With a few simple techniques, you can hone your listening skills and see your sales soar. In this piece, we look at how.

Finding and selling to customers

Five tips on creating market awareness for your sales cycle

In this article, we provide five pointers for creating market awareness for your sales cycle.

Finding and selling to customers

How to harness negotiation and boost your sales success

Here, we look at four key tips for harnessing your negotiation skills to secure your sales pipeline.

Finding and selling to customers

Transform your SME with a business to government sales strategy

Here, we take a look at how you can transform your small business by creating a thorough ‘business to government’ sales strategy.


UK SME online retailers confident sales will increase in 2018

Royal Mail releases research on UK SME online retailers, suggesting that confidence on sales increasing remains high.

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Can businesses save money on CBILS repayment costs by refinancing for a RLS loan?

Your business could save money on CBILS repayments by refinancing for an RLS loan – Funding Options tells us how

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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover if somebody sues your business and they allege that your advice caused financial loss or damaged their brand. It’s not just for accountants and lawyers but for anyone offering a personal service, even web designers

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What is public liability insurance, and does it cover Covid-19 claims?

Public liability insurance can cover your small business if a third party has an accident or injury. But does public liability insurance cover claims made against your business arising from Covid-19?

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Business insurance everything you need to know

Every small business may need to be insured at some level. But which policies are must-haves, and which are optional? Edward Murray guides you through the maze